Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish Review

Okay, so I know this is sort of a generic review, and as with all nail polish, formulas will vary depending on color. That being said, I now own 4 very different shades of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish, and all are an absolute dream.

The bottles look like this, incase you get overwhelmed
by all trillion varieties of Sally Hansen.

The claim is that these are a base coat, polish, and top coat all in one. I wouldn't quite go that far. Though I'm sure they're fine on their own. I always use a base coat, just because I'm really freaking pale, and every polish seems stain my finger nails, so I try my best to prevent that. I also use my Revlon Quick Dry topcoat, because I really like the extra shine, and the quick dry time.

As I mentioned above, I own four shades of this polish. The brushes are more flat and wide than your typical brush, and although I've heard mixed reviews about it, it seems to really work well for me. I start with one line down the middle of my nail, then another on each side. I'm by no means very good at painting my nails, but this stuff always seems to look good when I'm done. The brush just seems to work perfectly on my (slightly larger than normal for a female) nails. 

I've had no troubles with discoloration, shrinkage, bubbling, peeling or lifting with these polishes. They're pretty excellent that way.

Check them out next time you're at your local drugstore. They should be between the $6-$8 mark. You can also get more info and see available colors at

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